Utility Bill Processing and Payment


According to IOMA*

  • Average cost to process a payment is $11.63 for companies and $29.04 for government entities
  • Average vendor payment made in error 1.6%
  • Average invoices received with error 4.6%
  • Average staff time spent on transactional activities 77.6% vs. 24.2% analysis

* Institute of Management & Administration "AP Benchmarks and Analysis 2010"

We can process, verify and pay utility bills for a fraction of the cost of most organizations, liberating staff to focus on building core business!

Timely, Accurate and Complete

By utilizing our Bill Processing and/or Bill Payment services, you will have access to EnergyCap™ Online Demand Management Software.


We partner with Cass Utility Information Systems for utility bill processing and payment. Many companies in the market will offer bill processing services. Some even offer "complete energy solutions." But the fact is, no company can match the scale, security and technology available with Cass' comprehensive bill management offering. This means that your bills are processed faster than anywhere else. It means that the data Cass captures is the most accurate. And it means it is done in a fully redundant processing center, staffed entirely by highly trained Cass employees - no contractors, no offshoring.

Cass is, from its roots, a financial processing company. Cass applies those skills to particular industries, such as utilities, where they add significant value. Bringing specific focus to the unique AP and information needs of facility related bills is of tantamount importance.

By doing this, AP departments gain a valuable outsourcing partner, able to save them time and money by managing a non-core process more efficiently. Cass offers AP managers world-class controls and visibility, all at greater savings for the corporation.

And energy/facility managers get the timely, accurate data needed to manage risk in an ever-changing utility landscape. Combined with our expert advisory services and oversight, utility expense management is taken to a new level.


The AP team at any company expects only improvement over their current processes. Cass, as a true financial institution, understands the needs in this area. Controls, visibility, security and efficiency are key focuses. But more importantly, it must also show savings.

Many companies wrestle with the true cost of paying a utility bill. Some only count labor and the cost to cut a check. Some include overhead, late fees (tracked and paid), unnecessary deposits, payment application issues, cash flow value, and so on.

Cass can help you define what the cost truly is to your organization. Taking into account the additional services Cass brings - full data entry, bill validation, complete payment management, missing bill and shutoff prevention, etc. - Cass will deliver a substantial ROI by taking advantage of their scale and focus. But most importantly, Cass will deliver timely, accurate utility spend & usage information inside an easy-to-use, powerful platform. You can finally make sense of this information so you can focus on reducing consumption and expense. Cass will manage the information - you manage the risk. Together, savings are brought to you and to your employees, stakeholders and clients. Best of all, Cass' database will be automatically translated and uploaded into EnergyCAP's format, giving you immediate access to your data.