Utility Bill Auditing


Rosenthal Energy Advisor's Utility Bill Audit and Refund Recovery solution is conducted by our experienced staff members who are skilled at energy bill analysis, working directly with the utility companies to secure electricity, natural gas, water and sewer bill cost reductions and refunds on behalf of your company.

6-10% of utility all bills have errors according to some estimates in the industry, depending on the utility district that you operate within. Multi-site customers are challenged with the need to avoid these costly billing mistakes over a portfolio of facilities billed by various utility companies. REA leverages your existing utility bill data, by accessing it directly from the utility companies' web site or your third-party bill processor and goes beyond the low hanging fruit and obvious billing mistakes.

Once the data is captured, we analyze and compare numerous billing components to other similar customers within our database and to your own historical data for benchmark purposes to dig deep for costly billing errors that lead to utility refunds. Bill anomalies are then captured by the REA team, researched, presented to the client, and finally brought to the utility company's attention for immediate action and refunding.

What makes Rosenthal Energy Advisors different?

  • Proprietary utility cost management system designed to efficiently isolate potential billing errors for further review
  • REA's trusted staff with specialized experience in the energy industry and specifically with energy bill analysis
  • Monthly energy data is analyzed, allowing you to capture billing mistakes immediately
  • Comprehensive audit on numerous utility bill components, leading maximum utility bill refunds
  • Our Audit Solution is designed to catch facilities that have been billed incorrectly from the onset of your data management partnership, as opposed to only month-over-month anomalies