Energy Star Benchmarking

ENERGY STAR was created in 1996 as a joint program of the EPA and the Department of Energy to promote public awareness of energy efficiency:

  • Today, 65% of Americans recognize the label
  • Growing consumer social consciousness and responsibility
  • Tremendous marketing value as "energy efficient organization"

REA offers turnkey solution to help clients obtain and maintain ENERGY STAR ratings:

  • Seamless integration between client's utility management database (EnergyCAP) and EPA's Portfolio Manager
  • Receive automated industry benchmarks based on current factors developed by EPA and published in eGRID database
  • Legislation coming on-line requiring certification prior to sale (D.C. and others following!)
  • Compare your usage with regional and national organizations with properties and buildings similar to yours.

REA will assist you with your eligibility for awards:

  • Partner of the Year
  • Continuing Excellence

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