Demand Response Programs

In each market in the United States, there is a "Demand Response" program that is used to curtail the electric load in the event that there is not enough electricity to fill the need. This type of event happens more often in the summer, as electric use goes up, due to air-conditioning demand.

Your electric grid must operate within safe conditions and do what it must to avoid grid failure. "Brownouts" and "blackouts" are the result of such a failure. Even with the ability to bring closed generation plants back online, these events still occur. Demand Response is a voluntary program in which end-users agree in advance to curtail their load, in the event of a power shortage.


Demand Response is a discretionary program in which end-users agree in advance to curtail their load, in the event of a power shortage. This does not always mean completely shutting down the power in your facility; You can shed part of your load by understanding your needs. For example, a hospital with backup generation would switch to those on-site generators, which may handle 50% of their needs and still draw the other 50% from the grid. A manufacturer may elect to leave their office lights and air-conditioning on while shutting down their production line.

So why engage in a Demand Response program? Aside from the help you provide in reducing demand on the grid, you get paid for electing to have this interruptible load, whether you are ever called to shed some of your load or not.

REA can help you plan and implement Demand Response programs at your organization-from a single facility to a coordinated, national or multi-site program. We use our experience and resources to help you maximize your earnings without compromising your productivity and operations. We provide a full-scope, no-cost analysis of your energy demands and help you develop a curtailment plan based on a clear view of your risks and potential rewards.

Our Demand Response program is designed to give you a total management resource throughout the complexities of planning, enrollment, curtailment events, and payment collection. We will notify your designated personnel of pending curtailment events, with choices for automatic notification by direct load controls, e-mail, direct telephone, or fax.

You could earn up to 10% back on your electricity!

Just like an insurance provider, you are paid even if there is never a claim. To understand more about these programs in your area, please contact your personal representative at REA Energy.