About Rosenthal Energy Advisors

Jim Rosenthal

Jim Rosenthal, President of Rosenthal Energy Advisors, has negotiated over a thousand contracts for his clients, helping them achieve the lowest possible pricing while receiving the most favorable contract terms. Rosenthal's clients have ranged from small independent organizations to public companies with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on electricity annually.

Jim's experience in the energy arena is substantial, having dealt with industrial, government and commercial clients of all types. From hospitals to grocery stores, auto-parts manufacturers to water bottlers, and state governments to water districts, clients have been very satisfied with Rosenthal's command of the energy business.

"It has always been my goal to bring the same type of innovation and products that were negotiated for large entities to smaller companies with more modest energy usage. I have never settled for managing my clients' needs remotely; Rather I have rolled up my sleeves and been intimately involved in the entire process, working consultatively with my clients," Rosenthal affirmed.

Jim sees a huge opportunity in states that have not had direct access to energy procurement. It is important for every company and organization to fully understand energy market deregulation.

Rosenthal Energy Advisors is a totally independent organization, not affiliated with any utilities or Retail Energy Providers. This means that when you receive market intelligence and recommendations, they are developed specifically to your requirements. The entire procurement process is totally transparent.


Rosenthal works for his clients, not the energy companies. "Honesty, competent hard work and consistent communication with our clients is the only way to retain clients on a long-term basis. This is what I have and will always continue to do," declared Mr. Rosenthal.

Jim is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

During his eight years as Executive Vice President with LPB Energy Management, Jim was instrumental in building that company from a small local business to a leading national firm, doing business in every state in the US, as well significant business in Canada. LPB sold to Ecova in 2012.