Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How does my organization determine if the state(s) where we are in is deregulated?

US Deregulation Map

Electric and Natural Gas Deregulation US 2013

What Happens if our Retail Energy Provider (REP) Goes Out of Business?

Rosenthal Energy Advisors is extremely diligent in monitoring the fiscal health of the vendors it chooses to work with. However, in the unlikely event that a REP ceases business, the local Transmission & Delivery Service Provider will continue to deliver energy to your facility. You may be placed with a "provider of last resort" for a short time but Rosenthal Energy Advisors would act quickly to place you with another REP to mitigate any exposure that you may have.

Will we notice a change in our service when we switch energy providers?

No. Your electricity and natural gas will continue to be delivered reliably by the local utility company. Only the billing will change.

In our state, can any business entity choose a new electricity or natural gas provider?

It depends. In some states, electricity is deregulated but natural gas is not; In others, natural gas is deregulated but electricity is not. Even within the same state, local governments can opt-out of deregulation and set up “Co-Ops”. It is entirely possible that even within the same zip code, some properties are deregulated and others across the street are not. Please contact your REA representative for more specific information.

Who will bill us?

In some cases, your Retail Energy Provider (REP) will bill you for both the commodity and also the transportation/distribution, which is passed through to you without markup. However, in some markets, the REP will bill only for the commodity and your local utility will bill for transportation/distribution (wires or pipeline).

Who do we contact in the event of a power outage or emergency?

In the event of a power outage or emergency, you would always contact your local utility (transportation/distribution) company. The contact information is on your monthly invoice.

In a deregulated market, will the reliability of our electric or natural gas service change?

No. The service and quality of the product will not change at all. The only difference is that you will now receive your invoice from a different vendor. Your utility will treat all customers equally, regardless of which retail provider you buy from.

Please feel free to contact REA with any other questions.