Welcome to Rosenthal Energy Advisors

Rosenthal Energy Advisors is a totally independent organization that provides unbiased information and assistance to our clients in the procurement of electricity and natural gas in deregulated markets. Our goals are to deliver the lowest possible pricing and most favorable contract terms for our clients.

Our Consultants act as your personal advisors in energy procurement. We advise on market timing, the attributes of each Retail Energy Provider and normalization of pricing. By analyzing your load and risk tolerance, we make recommendations on the type of energy product you may select, term length, contract language and hedging strategies. These contracts are written for the benefit of the Retail Energy Providers, not their customers. Rosenthal Energy Advisors helps you level the playing field.

There is constant fluctuation in the energy market that needs to be monitored. Weather, the price of commodities and geo-political movement can drastically affect your cost of electricity and natural gas. There are changes in legislation continuously at both the federal, state and local level that will alter your ability to purchase energy.

Rosenthal Energy Advisors is vigilant in remaining current with issues that will influence your purchasing decisions. While there are many energy "brokers" in deregulated markets, there are few who actually sit on the clients' side of the table, advising clients on the opportunity that best fits their needs.

Through our experience, market intelligence and personal service, Rosenthal Energy Advisors helps you make the right decisions about your energy procurement. We issue a formal Request for Pricing (RFP) from a number of vendors and create a transparent process by which you can audit the competitive bidding process.

We respect the intelligence of our clients and recognize the need for you to be involved in the process. It is simply a question of bandwidth. There is only so much time that you have to run your business. Let us earn your business and share that load by lending you our expertise in the energy procurement area… so that you can focus on your business.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jim Rosenthal, President